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Self-Squeeze Mini Mop™

Self-Squeeze Mini Mop™

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Makes mopping easier 

 The mini mop sweeps just like a regular mop.




Quick and easy for use!

  • Pet Mess Cleanup: A mini mop can be excellent for quickly cleaning up small messes created by pets. Whether it's a spilled water bowl, a knocked-over plant, or muddy paw prints, the mini mop's compact size and absorbent material can efficiently handle these messes without requiring a full-sized mop.

  • Kitchen and Countertop Cleanup: Mini mops are perfect for wiping down kitchen counters and surfaces after meal preparation. They can easily clean up crumbs, spills, and splatters, helping to maintain a clean and hygienic cooking environment. The small size also allows you to reach tight spaces and corners that might be challenging with larger cleaning tools.

  • Car Interior Cleaning: Keeping the interior of your car clean can be a challenge, especially with crumbs, dust, and dirt accumulating over time. A mini mop can be used to clean the dashboard, seats, and other surfaces, effectively removing dirt without scratching delicate materials. Its small size makes it convenient to store in the car and use whenever needed.

  • Quick Bathroom Cleanups: Bathrooms can get messy quickly, and a mini mop can be a valuable tool for tackling small spills, splatters, and messes around the sink, toilet, and shower areas. Its absorbent material can help mop up water and cleaning solutions, ensuring that surfaces are dry and clean. This is especially useful for maintaining a tidy bathroom between thorough cleanings


"Very handy to have a small mop for tight places. Works very well. I use it a lot!" -

Louise (Amazon) 5 out of 5


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